NEW! 10FastFingers mobile Typing Test

Hello everyone! :D
I just released a new mobile typing test, this time you don’t need a specific operating system (the previous app only worked on android). You don’t even have to download the app, you can just go to
Mobile Typing Test and start typing :D


You can even use your usual login system to track your scores (these results will show up on your profile in the future). Its still not perfect (depending on how old your mobile phone is, the test might lag, though this shouldn’t affect your score). One last thing: For those that like to have an “App-Icon” on their phone: I will release this one as an app as well, though the content is exactly the same, the old one will then be replaced.

If you have feedback or questions, just send me an email to “” :)

Slovenian typing test optimized

Recently I optimized the slovenian word bank with the help of a user. The words should now be much more common and “fun” to type. Also we added the advanced slovenian typing test as well as the top 1000 mode :)

Numpad Ninja Teaser

I’m currently finishing up the “Top 1000″ mode but I wanted to give you a little teaser for the “Numpad Ninja”-mode:


Isn’t he cute? :D

Currently Reading: Contagious – Jonah Berger

I’m currently reading the book Contagious and I really like it!
If you want to know more about “why things go viral” or want to know how to make your next product go viral, you definitely have to read it! I already got a much better understanding which I hopefully can apply to my current products :)

Here is a more in-depth review of the book that will hopefully convince you that it is worth your time: Mapping Out the Path to Viral Fame

I stumbled over this book through this interview: SPI 059 : How Viral Happens – An Interview With Jonah Berger, Author of Contagious
(for some reason I thought it was from a Mixergy Interview!?).

TapMath Review on App Magazine

Just wanted to share a link to a TapMath Review on App Magazine :D
TapMath Educational App Review – Android

10FastFingers Top1000-Mode Work in progress


TapMath relaunch

I just relaunched my app “Math Fun” under a new name: TapMath
The main reason for the relaunch was the name change and to rebalance the difficulty. Also I want to evaluate a few marketing strategies and for that I need a clean slate with the app.

If you tried the previous version and were frustrated with the difficulty I highly suggest you to check out TapMath for everyone else I also suggest to check it out :D


HTML5 just isn’t there yet…

I’m currently working on a game prototype in … FLASH!!.
Nothing big, just an idea for a game on 10FastFingers that would be more … well … action-packed :D

Sadly HTML5 doesn’t provide the performance for this idea (yet), so I’m currently trying to throw something together in Flash. Haven’t touched Flash in over 3 years, last time I did I created MathRun.

I’m using FlashDevelop & Flixel, lets see if Flash is the right choice …

Game Development Process from Day 1 to Release

Sadly there aren’t many videos that show you the development progress of a game, but here is one that will give you exactly that.

The team behind the game Outland Games took a video update of their game every week and compiled it into a short 5 minute video. If you ever wanted to see the amount of work necessary to produce an iPhone game, take a look at this great video:

There is more information in the article here: 30 weeks of game development

App Store Optimization Infographic

App Store Optimization Infographic by
App Store Optimization Infographic by